Bonita, CA

Bonita in south San Diego County is nestled among San Diego, Chula Vista and National City. Bonita real estate is well endowed with plenty of outdoor amenities, scope for art activities and many more entertainment options.

Coronado, CA

While “Coronado Island” may owe its popularity to the resort hotel, that’s hardly what life on this peninsula is like. Some of California’s best schools can be found here, alongside unique shopping experiences, a smorgasbord of fine dining, and, of course, yacht clubs. You’ll also find San Diego’s premier public golf course, arguably the best views of the city, and a flourishing art scene.

Downtown San Diego, CA

San Diego is the ninth largest city in the United States, and it has all the culture, arts, restaurants, museums, sports, and parks to prove it. But, it’s hard to notice the size of this metropolis as each area feels like its own village.

Chula Vista, CA

It took a World War to raise the once sleepy Chula Vista from its agricultural roots and set it on the path to becoming the San Diego metro area’s second largest city.

Imperial Beach, CA

Imperial Beach is the most southwesterly city in the United States. As such, real estate in Imperial Beach CA possesses an enviable coastal location. Unlike most Southern California coastal homes, Imperial Beach homes for sale are relatively affordable.

Jamul, CA

Twenty miles southeast of San Diego, the air smells fresh, clean, and a little like horses. Jamul, with a population just over 6000 people, falls on either side of Highway 94 as it heads towards the border. This unincorporated area is so close to the city, and yet, life in Jamul feels unequivocally rural.

Otay Mesa, CA

Many of San Diego’s communities and neighborhoods have agriculture to thank for their existence. This is never truer than in Otay Mesa, which began life as an agricultural area in the late nineteenth century. Water was scarce, so growers used dry farming and water pumped from the river and nearby streams to urge their tomato, bean, corn and grain crops from the parched soil.

Explore San Diego Neighborhoods

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Del Cerro, CA

Translated literally from its Spanish roots, Del Cerro—meaning “of the Hill” — is an upscale San Diego community boasting breath-taking views— from the Southerly Coronado Islands of Mexico, North to San Clemente Island over 50 miles away, and everything in between.

Scripps Ranch, CA

While he considered San Diego a “busted, broken-down boom town,” what he found 16 miles north made E.W. Scripps fall in love. In fact, E.W. built a home here, which he dubbed “Miramar.”