#5 - How to Make the Deal Happen

Once a buyer makes an offer you may need to consider a few compromises to seal the deal. You just never know when the next serious offer will come along – or what it will cost you to wait for it.

Keep in mind:

– Your priorities and respect the buyer’s. Don’t let small things get in the way of your better judgment. Focus on the final goal.

– Disclose all material facts. Smart sellers proactively go above and beyond legal necessity to disclose all known defects to their buyers. If the seller properly discloses all known problem(s) as required by law, the risk of non-disclosure lawsuits down the road is eliminated.

– Ask questions. Offers may contain complicated terminology. We are happy to help clarify the contract for you.

– Respond quickly. When buyers make an offer, they are in the mood to buy. Don’t delay if you want the sale.

– Meet halfway. If there are disagreements about relatively small expenses, split the difference. Don’t let your ego cost you a good deal

Most negotiations proceed without much problem. In the event that there are difficulties, but you’re still committed to selling, remember: “where there’s a will there’s a way.”

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