#6 - How Much Are Selling Costs

The cost of selling your home will typically amount to 7 to 9 percent of its sale price.

The majority of these expenses are deducted from the sale proceeds – if you don’t sell, you don’t pay.

In general these are some of the selling costs you may encounter at closing:

–  Recording fees

–  Commissions for listing and selling brokers

–  Notary fees

–  Escrow fees

–  Title search and insurance fees

–  Transfer fees

– Home warranty (if applicable)

– HOA docs (if applicable)

– Termite report and termite clearance (if applicable)

Other items you may see deducted in your Seller’s Estimated Net Proceeds worksheet at closing include:

–  Mortgage payoff balance (if applicable)

– Loan payoff fee (if applicable)

–  Lien releases (if applicable)

– Seller concession/credits (if applicable)

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