Home Buying Decisions—How to Make Them [VIDEO]

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See, decision-making doesn’t have to be so daunting, does it?  Every day and every minute we make choices—both consciously and subconsciously—about what we will wear, eat, watch on TV, allow to take our attention etc…

If you’re like a lot of people, making big buying decisions isn’t necessarily something you do every day—and let’s face it— buying a home is a BIG decision.

But why is it then that so many people have difficulty when consciously making decisions—albeit larger ones such as buying a home—that they lock up, have doubts or get cold feet when everything they have been desiring comes together and all they need to do is to pull the trigger?  (If this isn’t you and you just want to buy a home, then skip this and go here).

Well, let’s talk about some tips that might help you out.

As a home buyer, if you’re serious about not only finding your dream home, but also getting that home under contract to buy, then you’ll need to make several decisions along the way.  Some of these decisions will be as simple as what type of neighborhood you want to live in, or how many bedrooms you need, and whether you want to buy a detached home or a townhome.

You’ll also want to determine if the school district is important to you, as well as how far of a commute you are comfortable with.

Now, these decisions will also tie into how much of a monthly payment you are willing and able to afford in order to obtain that ideal home.  Sometimes, these decisions will feel like a no-brainer for you and other times you might get overwhelmed with the choices.

Look, in competitive markets like Sunny San Diego, you’ll often run into situations where your ideal home isn’t in high supply.  This means that once you do find it, you’ll often need to make a quick decision and be ready to move fast on it.

Anticipating and visualizing this prior to it happening is a helpful practice during and even prior to beginning your home search, and it will help you in being prepared for the situation when it comes.  Hey, if you’re on the fence when it comes to making an offer, and the property is priced correctly, you’ll find that there is often another buyer who has already anticipated the scenario and is ready to take action.

Look, buying a home shouldn’t be a daunting task.  If you have decided ahead of time the trade-offs you’re willing to make, and the monthly payment you can afford, then when you find the right property, it should be almost a reflex decision to make a move on it.  Now listen, you’re still going to have your due diligence period to investigate the property before committing to it 100%, but you want to do yourself justice in preparing for action when the opportunity comes.

Football coach George Allen said “Winning can be defined as the science of being totally prepared.”

Let’s get you prepared so when the opportunity comes, you’ll be ready to make the right decision.

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