#8 - Post Closing Reminders

Making your First Payment

Your first payment will typically be due on the 1st day of the 2nd month following when you closed. For example, if you closed on March 10th, your first payment would most likely be due on May 1st.

Be sure to verify with your lender or check your copy of loan documents, though!— They will contain information on when your first payment is due.

You should receive payment instructions from your Lender. Contact the lender directly if you do not receive any communication before your first payment is due.

Junk Mail

You may receive a hand-full of letters offering a copy of your deed or some other document(s) related to the transaction for a fee. DON’T make any payments to receive copies of your documents without checking with us first. You should receive the original Deed for FREE in the mail a few weeks after closing.

Supplemental Tax Bill

After a change in ownership or when new construction is completed, the Office of the Assessor must determine a new base year value for the property.  This results in a Supplemental Tax Bill or Supplemental Tax Surplus, depending on the scenario.

Understanding Supplemental Property Taxes – CLICK HERE 

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