Case Study for 438 Elm

The Coming Soon Marketing Plan

We created a Coming Soon property website so that interested parties can get information easily such as price and location . We are going to be driving traffic to your property listing page via Facebook ads and through our own reach. While every home is unique, they are all presented in the exact same way on listing sites. The same layout with the same information in the same places. Boring. With a unique property site you have no restrictions at all and can present your listing any way you’d like. Do you want to start with a full screen video or a closeup of a historic detail while music plays? No problem. You can have complete creative control over your own site.

Because so many people communicate almost exclusively via text message, we’ve found that a lot of Real Estate buyers are more than happy just to send a text message for more information about a property. When they do this, we are alerted instantly that someone is looking at your home or property, and besides sending them the information they requested instantly, we can then follow up with them via text or phone call in order to try and schedule an appointment with them. Want to see how it works? Text 438 to 618.431.4133 now!

Just Listed Postcards

We have sent out our announcement postcard to roughly 240 households within your immediate area to increase awareness as we prepare to go live on the market.  We used the text messaging autoresponder to deliver the property website seamlessly to anyone who inquires!

We always start out with a splash social media strategy. That means that we will place your property on all of the major social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. But so many people are doing this, sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle. So in order to stand out, we do some color and contrast on your properties picture.What we mean is that we design graphics and images that will cause social media audiences to pause and look at the ad. We do this by contrasting a lighter back ground picture against our logo.

After we do a splash post on all of those channels, we move to deliberately target audiences in your geographical area. We do this through our business page at The Real Estate Jedi. The copy (writing above the post) is intended to give enough information that will spark some interest of readers. We always give some details about the property, the location, the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms and sometimes the square footage. We always direct readers to click the included trackable link in order to get pricing information. We do this so that we can possibly set an appointment with potential buyers who are interested in your property.

A few years ago, the online branding and marketing company called Hootsuite did a study on the use of emojis in advertising. After extensive A/B Testing, they discovered that on average, Facebook posts including emojis usually showed a 30%-40% higher click-through rates and 20% lower CPC (Cost Per Click) than regular posts. That’s why we always try to include emojis in all of our posts.

We targeted all Facebook users within a 4 mile radius who are most likely to move. Each of these users are either breaking up with their significant others or starting a new life with them.


We took the property live to the Multiple Listing Service on Aoril 25, 2018!  Once we gathered interest we knew it was time to take it live and increase the level of urgency and exposure immediate.  Once we went live on the MLS we updated the property website and starting planning for the weekend open houses.

We are open for both Saturday and Sunday for the first week this property is listed.  This is a very important time to increase awareness by keeping market time low and exposure high!

Other than plaster the neighborhood with lots of directional signage, we also run Facebook ads to very highly targeted audiences to increase the awareness and attendance of the open houses.

Open House Facebook Ads

The Online Syndication

Property is listed on (Property Link) which receives 39.7 million regular users.

438 Elm is also placed on Zillow and Trulia which is known as the Zillow Group, and has 73.5 million unique users across desktop and mobile devices. Which accounts for 64% of all online related real estate searches. 

Property is listed on Zillow and Trulia (Property Link)

Property is listed on (Property Link)

We aim to be your go-to real estate team for life!

Let us know how we can help you!